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Party Menu

Taditional 12 Course

New Year's Eve Menu

Menu Selection; Party Menu

All menus are for 20 persons or more.

Party Menu One     $16.95 / person Party Menu Two     $19.95 / person
1 Crispy Wontons 1 Crispy Wontons
2 Egg Rolls 2 Spring Rolls
3 Lemon Chicken 3 Lemon Chicken
4 Sweet  & Sour Chicken 4 Rice Vermicelli Singaport Style
5 Chicken Fried Rice 5 House Fried Rice
6 Almond Guy Ding 6 Shrimp Vegetable and Cashew Nuts
7 Beef Brocolli 7 Honey Garlic Ribs
8 Honey Garlic Ribs 7 Beef with mixed vegetables

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